Lars Snipen
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

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Master projects in microbial genomics


Here are some suggested master projects in microbial genomics.


A reduced version of some of these may also be used for Bachelor projects.


Feel free to also suggest some projects on your own. Send me an email if you want to discuss this with me.




Ongoing master projects


Kristin Kleivan Solberg: Stress-tolerance associated genes and antimicrobial resistance (collaboration with Dzung Bao Diep, LMG at KBM)

Trude Haug Almestrand: DeepGene – improved prokaryotic gene finding (collaboration with Kristian Hovde Liland, Data Science at RealTek)

Ingvild Frøberg Mathisen: Comparing deep neural network architectures for the prediction of antibody/antigen binding (collaboration with Victor Greiff, UiO)

Helene Drennan Olsen: Reduced Metagenome Sequencing resolution in the human gut (collaboration with Knut Rudi, MiDiv, KBM)

Andrea Obstfelder: Comparative genomics of Salmonella Typhimurium in Norway (collaboration with Camilla Sekse, Karin Lagesen, Veterinary Institute)





Previous master projects


Here are some previous Master-projects where I was main supervisor:


Nora Bull, 2021


Annette Fagerlund, 2021 (Confidential, at NOFIMA). Evolution and phylogenetics for Listeria monocytogenes


Kristina Severine Rudskjær Stenløkk, 2019


Maren-Helene Høie Degnes, 2019


Jens Rasmus Liland, 2019


Annbjørg Helene Nygaard Barbakken, 2019


Abira Sivanesan, 2019 (Confidential, at FHI). In silico exploration of stx2apositive (STEC) and stx-negative Escherichia coli (STEC-LST)


Gard Kroken, 2018


Benedicte Been Simensen, 2015


Kim Erik Grashei, 2014