ICOM2010 / Open Nordic map meeting 2010
Trondheim, Norway, 11-13 August 2010

The ICOM2010 and the Open Nordic Map Meeting 2010 is held in Trondheim Wednesday 11th August to Friday 13th August. The ICOM presentations are on Wednesday, the common terrain visit is on Thursday and the Open Nordic Map Meeting is on Friday.

The main theme of the conference is the use of data from laser scanning for orienteering base maps.

LAS data

The LAS data of the area has kindly been made available to us by Terratec AS. The data is a part of the data set that was used to produce the contours for the WOC 2010 base maps.

The data are only for personal use and testing, and are not to be used for any kind of commercial purposes.

LAS data for ICOM 2010 (40MB)

Information about the LAS data set

lasinfo output (liblas.org) Coordinate reference system is WGS1984, UTM Zone 32N (EPSG:32632). Points are classified into two classes: ground (2) / unclassified (1)


Software (mostly free) for working on LAS data and more (compiled by Greg Lennon).

Processed data

Dan Klang, GeoXD AB

The calibration of the intensity data seems to be lacking, so there is noise in the products derived from intensity.

WOC 2010 base map

The base maps used for the WOC 2010 mapping was composed of contours made from the laser scanning data (contours generated by Terratec) and all other "features" from photogrammetry (by Roar Forbord).

Orienteering maps

Orienteering map (2007).
The basemap for this map was a photogrammetric plot (made without contours from laser scanning). OCAD, version 9 - GIF
Alternative OCAD file download
Partly updated orienteering map (2010).
Contours roughly updated using contours from laser scanning. The NE part (area around the ski-jumps) is field checked this year. OCAD, version 9 - GIF
Alternative OCAD file download

Håvard Tveite, IOF Map Commission, email